Fate & A Dress. I need your help!

When I was sailing the Exumas Islands a couple months ago, my friend Abby had this fabulous dress, borrowed from her roommate that she got in Puerto Rico on holiday.  I loved it SO much.  We didn't know its origin and the tag was gone.

Side Note:  Abby is from London and has the most killer accent.  Not only is she stunning inside and out, but I could listen to her talk for-ev-errrr. LOVE THIS GIRL!

But, whilst browsing "boho" maxi dresses online today.  I found THIS. 

Yup. You're looking at the Angie Strapless Printed Maxi Dress available at Swell.com in a size LARGE... I could scream.

I've e-bayed, I google searched using the shopping application. Do you girls have any suggestions? Anyone connected to Possessionista?  Please. I must. have. this. dress! I just feel like it's fate. 

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  1. You could always buy the Large and have it altered? I've done that before if I really wanted something and it was out of my siZe!


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