An Organized Office

I've been so consumed apartment searching, packing, getting "golf ball sized hail" dents in my car estimated ($5,000 worth of damage!), and transferring data (yes my old computer crashed right before my last interview) that I have not had the time to tell you what a nerd I have been.  I kind of already have my office desk planned out.  Thanks to the lovely MIMI + MEG blog, it was pretty much all laid out for me, she posted this photo and instantly I knew this is what I want my future desk to look like. 

Thanks to a little digging and  researching, I found the push pins and colored pencils at Seltzer Studios.  The organizer is from poppin.  The eraser and sharpener are from Kate Spade New York.

When work gets busy, I know its difficult to keep a crisp, clean desk, but I try my best, because I can think most clearly when I'm not bombarded by ugly office supplies and papers flying everywhere. 

I am also going to invest in a Reverse Trellis Mousepad once I get settled, I want one that says "I'm sophisticated and smart, not just preppy and fun" ;)  I found the cutest website called Decorate Your Desk

Happy Spring and Office Decorating! 

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