An IFFY "If, Then" Statement

Did you all take logic? I loved this class.  I loved the very essence of it.  The reason.  The purpose of logic.  It existence to enable you to logically construct *valid* arguments to satisfy basic principles.   Ok.  It was a tough class that required you to be sharp.  I miss that.  Professor Goldberg keeping me on my toes. And I'm about to make a totally illogical IF, THEN statement, but it could be soooo TRUE.  

IF MY DREAM HAPPENS (you know what I've not been able to inform y'all about for some time that I"m hoping I'm able to soon!!!!!!!!) 

THEN, this blouse will be mine.  Simple enough. And trust me, this is valid in a completely illogical kind of way statement;)


  1. I hope it all comes together for you! I have been thinking of you and hoping it all works out - I am excited to hear about it! Did you revamp your blog? I really like it!!

  2. hey I'm liking Legally Lovely's compliment about your revamping of your page! ;-)

  3. time to add that top to your wardrobe!! you should wear it your first day at the new job!

  4. Haha!! Good luck, hope your statement happens!


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