connecting the dots.

what a week.  I've been traveling from city to city and haven't even unpacked and am leaving again on Wednesday.  fall seems to be falling through my hands.  i had one beautiful, busy and amazing weekend. I watched one of my friends, sorority sisters and college roommate marry her soulmate, attended an event for the league, went to the sustainer tea brunch, celebrated my friends birthday and my Aunt's birthday!! it's been crazy in the life of Chelsea.  I was hosting an event in Memphis when I received the new about Steve Jobs {forgive me, i'm a bit behind on posting} he is an incredibly brilliant person and inspirational at that,  one that forever impacted the world with his talent.  By now you have probably seen this, but if f you have not seen the commencement speech he gave at Stanford, please do.  

I always become entangled with the future and attempt to "connect the dots" 

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  1. I don't know how you do it, traveling so much. Hang in there! :)


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