brazilian blowout: revealed {calling all girls with curls}

wouldn't you just die for hair like Blake Lively.  I've never seen a bad photo of this girl.  sometimes I wonder if she rolls out of bed lookin like this. 

but then I come to my senses and realize that most celebs reach their peak beauty, when they reach their peak celebrity {and peak wealth}. because this means access to the creme de la creme, the absolute best and most perfect products out there. and that i do not have access to...yet! did you know that west hollywood has a spot dedicated to blow outs? No Color. No Cuts. Just blow drys, it is known as Drybar.  If I could take advantage of this on a daily basis I would.  

My goal in life: 1. to be wealthy enough is continue to find passion in all aspects of life

 THEN: afford the daily blowout and consistently have fresh flowers in my home. ......I am getting side tracked, back to my point! Roundbrush BLOWOUTS. they are amazing.  I never thought I would meet anyone that could straighten my curls, let alone make me feel like a pantene model. Then, I was introduced to the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT and my life forever changed. Before I write anymore, please do your research girls.  I have received emails from OSHA and other allies that always correct what I have to say about this product.  WHAT i am saying i my own personal experience.  yes, there are chemicals in brazilian blowout that you do NOT want to inhale, ingest or take in on a daily basis.  but there are lots of harmful things that can harm you. Then I met Anthony, he is a local stylist in Lexington at Touche' salon. just a sidenote: he does the blowout for $100 on your first time and $150.  The Brazilian Blowout will normally run you about $300-$400. Yes, even in Lexington, Kentucky.  It is a smoothing treatment, so your curls are not forever gone, but they are tamed.  And the frizz? GONE...you'll need a touch up about every 3 months, but my curls even look more beautiful as it disappears.  And the best news? It cuts my blow dry time in 1/2. Totally worth it to me. Especially when traveling and I have to be at the airport at 5:00 AM.  

This is me pre-blowout.  Life was hard. and I so loathed blow drying my hair.  And as my friend Cathy continues to say to me "You invented the flippin' POOF" (insert Jersey/Snooki accent) I was blessed with 2 parents with very curly hair. Thank mom and dad!!

The poof: 

Me post-blowout: this took me about 10 minutes to blowdry. 

I usually love the blowout about 10 days after getting it, it looks silky but also has more body and bounce:

Now do your research and go get the Brazilian Blowout!!


  1. Okay lady, do tell. In the pic where you say it took you about 10 mins to blow dry you hair...did you use the roundbrush there? Because your hair looks sooooo smooth and silky!
    (and does OSHA seriously email you? holy geez)

  2. Seriously, my hair is UNTAMABLE. Are the results consistent regardless of hair type? I have frizz and unwanted body and kink in my hair. What's the daily maintenance like?

    --Morgan M.

  3. Oh my god...you're a girlnafter my own heart!!! Brazilian keratin treatments / blowouts arebmy LIFE!! Seriously, it is SO stressfull to have unmanageable hair... Blowouts are a godsend. I worry about the chemicals, but for right now ill take the risk. I wish I lived in hollywood just for the drybar!


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