quirky dating rules.

Beginning stages. dating. rules.

we all have our own little quirks. do you girls have dating rules? as I am watching eligible Dallas, I am laughing because all of us girls have our own little rules we keep to ourselves.

as seen on eligible Dallas. 
1. Don't ever go on a date with a guy if he asks you out after Tuesday, for a Saturday night.
2. Always be the first one to hang up on the phone.
3. Don't ever be so available that you're the last option. 

my rules:
1. Don't ever be the first to text unless you have a specific purpose/reason (i.e.: ABSOLUTELY no: hey, whats up, what u doing).....my total pet peeve, I can't stand these.
2. Always, always, always be on time....hmmm, i run late, a lot. but I don't stand up friends or dates.
3. No ex talk until you are headed somewhere...I've had one boy I was dating delve into the "why are you single" talk pretty early and asked about my ex too {eek, lost major points there buddy.}, simply avoid this. it's uncomfortable and until its somewhere serious with the new person, jealousy can creep in when its unfounded. To avoid an awkward situation, the best answer I've found is: I haven't met the right person.

Okay girls, mine aren't too random. I found the eligible Dallas rules hilarious. Do you all have any quirky dating rules?? Spill 'em.


  1. ooooh, this is a good topic! My biggest date rule is not to check a phone during dinner! Everyone is so plugged into technology, but a man loses major points if he's texting/answering/tweeting during a date, ESPECIALLY if it's a first date. I always make sure my phone is tucked away in my purse too!

  2. I live in Dallas and find Most Eligible so hilarious/ridiculous! Totally agree with your first point :)



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