my weekend and flying on 9.11 recap.

I am home from Scottsdale. I had one of the most amazing and beautiful weeks of my career! This conference really gave me a sense of purpose.  It was so great to meet such incredibly intelligent people and be apart of an amazing learning environment and event. 

my view every morning outside the lobby:

view from my room

the terrace again, so pretty!

one side of the view, so pretty. there was also a beach attached to the pool, so neat.

And headed home. Farewell, Scottsdale

I left Scottsdale on September 11th.  Security was fine, especially since I was there at 5:00 AM but it was a bit eerie watching the memorial and 2001 coverage on my flight home and knowing and thinking about what people had been through on those planes, towers and the pentagon just a short 10 years ago.  I was in Spanish, and watched the second plane crash live, like many others.  I just sat there Sunday and thought about the amount of shock I felt when I once saw a woman get hit by a LexTran bus in Lexington. It was terrifying, my entire body went numb.  I just can't imagine being in New York on that tragic day and grateful for the bravery of civilians, firemen and police men.  Every story I learn, I am always impressed by the heroes that were brave enough to help someone and themselves from this awful attack. It made me think about my friend Dan, who lost his father in the tower.  It made me think about how these terroriest's actions impact my daily life of traveling and how it impacts all of us every day.  I would certainly say I don't live in fear.  But it saddens me to know that such evil exists out there in the world. That is what scares me.  That is all on that, now on to a small tangent.  There was A LOT of secret service around, at first I thought it was because 9.11, but low and behold...it was all for the one and only Sandra Day O'Connor, she was on my flight.  

Get it gurl 

And then I made it home.  I love flying in over Lexington.  It's so SO green and seeing the horse farms during fall from above is just unreal.  I love my town. 

And that is all for now. Happy Tuesday! Now I'm off to catch up on your alls blogs, I've missed you girls! 

PS: I got glasses! I am total dork now.  Will share pics soon.  I am not allowed to drive without my frames, I was a leetle blind. 

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