MISSING: my pirate man. sentimental value.

after my first work event I helped plan and host, I was left a sweet note from my boss and colleagues congratulating me on a great job {one of my new colleagues was with me!} I returned to my desk that Friday to find this little guy and a few presents. . .

the card that came along with mr. pirate man read: to watch over you on your journeys and protect you in new places.  and thus my little tradition began.  he holds immense value to me.  every time i travel for work, i take him with me.  he's like my little good luck charm. my rabbit foot.  i take him out of my luggage and sit him somewhere in my hotel every. single. trip. every. single. time. he's probly racked up more Delta Sky Miles, Marriott and Hilton points than some people will in their entire life. lil pirate man got left in Scottsdale this weekend.  I was forced to switch hotel rooms when i encountered some not-so-quiet neighbors. and i believe this is when my pirate man went missing.  i think I'll be okay without him, and I hope he protects the next person in their journeys.  if you find him tho, please send him home. i have a busy october.

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