SO WHAT WEDNESDAY! .... a tad late ;)

SO WHAT...if I don't have a way I hang the toilette paper.  I could not care less.  If we're talking brands. Whole nother story {Charmin, Soft} 

I just don't care. Is that so wrong?

SO WHAT...if I talk a lil more than I should after 3 glasses of wine.  "I'd rather be absolutely ridiculous that absolutely boring."

SO WHAT...if I purposely take longer to reply to emails with read receipts. Or longer to reply to emails that are marked as important, that are in fact, NOT IMPORTANT. 

SO WHAT if... I'm doing SO WHAT Wednesday a tad bit late! Work has been CRAZY!!!! 

Have I mentioned I have 3 weddings and a work trip this month? Someone let me know if you see or are having a blog sale.  

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  1. Awesome quote...I don't want to be boring either! haha


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