simply beautiful lashes. my secret......

girls, I have never been a splurger on mascara.  admittedly, I wait to get free samples because I honestly never thought it mattered which kind you use or spending more than $3 was really worth it. I know several people that even have used latisse. Well ever since I received this free sample from Sephora, I've been addicted.  It's $25 but the formula is very smooth, but also create a thick and volumous lash! My lashes are already long, so I'm not sure how much this helps in the length area, but I do get a lot of compliments...please don't judge from my photos from last weekend, I left this little sucker at home and it was a tragedy.   

Macy's is even offering a BONUS if you get Hypnose. And no this is not a plug, I just wanted to show y'all where I got mine (Macy's) and noticed if you spend $35 (Keep in mind this is $25) you get some pretty sweet gifts.  What are your beauty secrets? I am not good at eye makeup and could use some pointers!

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