another wedding weekend. . .

I am off to another undisclosed location in Kentucky, to see on my beautiful friends marry her best friend!! Don't cha just love seeing your friends so happy and with amazing people?! Alex and I grew up together and went through Catholic confirmation together! Needless to say, it is going to be a LONG wedding, but it is going one. fun. receiption! 

In honor of wedding season coming to a close, I thought I'd include wedding ideas, photos, things, rings that I love. A girls gotta dream... :)

The links are all available via my 'Pretty Weddings' board on pinterest, so follow, just click here.  My name on there is ChelseaAF.  The AF is for my middle and last initials, NOT abercrombie and fitch :) 

Happy Pinning, Weekending and Wedding-ing, Girls.  Football season isn't too far away now. 


  1. My friend Beth got married in July and had that exact wedding cake and it was beautiful! Have a wonderful wedding weekend! :)

  2. gorgeous wedding pictures. love them.

    hope you had a fun weekend!



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