100th POST! Las Vegas, Nevada!!!!

Las Vegas was crazy. and beautiful. hot and fun. too much for words.  i have too much to say and too much sum up. I had an amazing long, long weekend out there.  it was spent at the pool, casino, dinner, clubs, sleep, repeat for 4 days. I only have a few photos. but if you go out there, I recommend you stay for only 2 to 3 days. We were lucky and got a LOT of stuff free, as I'm sure most bachelorette parties do, but the time change and late nights left one tired girl after it all. 

Without further adieu, I give you Vegas in photos....

the bride and I at The Wynn

at our hotel, The Mirage...the flower arrangements were beautiful.

Bare, a pool where you're allowed to do just that. don't worry, we didn't. 

The Bellagio ceiling. 

just a lil pre-bar gambling at Planet Hollywood.

taxi ride home..sleepy girls. 

The volcano, that went off every 15 minutes outside our hotel, The Mirage. it was fun, they play scary music along with it. 

The calmer side of Rehab (Hard Rock's pool party)

the crazy side of Rehab, where we were give access to a cabana and free bottle service...ahem, and beer for me! :) 

{me!!} just taking it all in, great day!!! 

If you're considering going to Vegas, it is a must GO place....for once in your life. ;) Happy 4th loves, I'm about to jet downtown for live music and fireworks. Xx,

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  1. I LOVED Vegas too! We were there for 4 days, but it was for a wedding so 1 was taken up with that, but I had so much fun. After looking at your pics I am ready to go back. I have that same pic of the bellagio ceiling, wasn't that the coolest! I am missing the 4th downtown in Lex, I went my entire life!!! Have fun!


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