Seven Secrets. . .

My beautiful friend Brittany gave me an award & tagged me in her blog. I am so excited to share some things about myself on here.  Some of these that I had read have seriously made laugh so hard a sweet tart nearly popped out my nose (Valentine candy time). I'm just going to jump into this...

1. I have an affirmation book that I read every morning.  It gives me positive perspective and makes me look out the window & truly appreciate the day.  Sounds corny, but I started doing this at about this time last year when I was at a difficult point in my life and it changed my outlook on things and I noticed that every time I would re-encounter some negative feelings during this time - I wasn't reading my affirmations. So now it's forever a part of my routine. I highly recommend getting one.  I found last year's at Target and this year's on Amazon.  

2. I delegate songs for pretty much everyone important in my life.  Whether we have one or many {usually it's the latter}  But for now, I'll name 2 of the most important.  Dad: My Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison.  Mom: She Drives Me Crazy- Fine Young Cannibals. Below is my lil brother, father and I...usually mom is the one behind the camera..Lil one is super college so if were going to give him a song, it'd be this 

3. Whenever I need a lil giggle I grab this book...I highly recommend it. It's a must-read. Especially if you grew up in the South :) 

4.  I lovvve ice, freeze pops and sno cones more than any junk food.  Speaking of freeze pops and sno cones...is summer here yet!?

5. I think Lil Wayne is a poet.  I realize how ridiculous this might sound.  But if you look past the profanity and obscene lyrics sometimes there are some serious messages in there.  I think he's pretty amazing.  I may or may not own a lil number similar to this... 

6.  I am really awesome, I mean awful. . . at impressions.  Sometimes I think I'm doing really good and other times, I just know.  Think Paul Rudd - I Love You, Man.  Only I consistently sound Asian, or so one of my besties Mardie says. Or maybe, everyone ;)  

7. Lolcats and Chuck Norris facts make me laugh way more than they should. 

Whew that was a long post! Hope you all enjoooooooy! HAPPY THURSDAY. Guess what? Today is my 2nd favorite weekday. Typical. I know ;) 

Now here I GO. I am tagging the following ladies for the stylish & great blog award: girls see below for what you gotta do...

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    1. I LOVED this! Yours was so cute! Lil Wayne a poet? BAHAHAHA. I'm definitly going to have to read that book and I love the Chuck Norris facts too...except usually alther them to be about Tim Tebow (because that's what all FL fans do).

      Superman may wear Chuck Norris pajama's......but Chuck Norris wears TIM TEBOW pajama's.

      BTW, just when I thought you couldn't be any cuter...I read this post. Loved you! :)

    2. "Hi, I'm Chelsea and I love self-help books." bhhaha! PS I still have yours...

      What is this "We're just like you" book? do you have it? can i borrow it?

      annnnnd lastly, now i know why you are so tiny....you consider ICE to be a food. hahaha!

    3. hahaha B I love our passion for TT. Katherine, i love self help books and reading them at the country club. don't stop me! :)

    4. Funny that you love ice so much because I HATE it. I don't like ice in my drinks and can't stand sno cones!! Haha...I know I'm weird. But I do want to read "Were Just Like You". Will have to buy it soon.


    I love reading your comments. You guys make my day!