Never underestimate the power of a good Conversation

My daily routine.  It involves a hot shower.  coffee. breakfast.  and the today show.  in that order.  but I saw a commercial earlier (for wells fargo for that matter) that reminded me we should always be there for our friends.  I guess its been a while for me.   I've been so focused on the job I haven't focused (as much as I should) on family or friends.  I had such a great convo with a good friend tonight.  We laughed and it brought me back into balance and perspective.  In moving away these last few months, I've noticed something.  You  notice the change, but it's difficult to see the change or impact where you leave from.  And it is really hard to keep in touch.  All you can do is reach out and try to be the same friends as you were before.  I guess this is the first time I'm dealing with long-distance friendship.  How do you all manage to keep in touch when it seems busy and impossible?