Express Keratin Treatment.

I'm finally home and back in the swing of things after a week in New York for work.  It was glorious.  The city sparkled with Christmas delight, but I was more than content to finally sleep in my own bed, and go about my normal weekend routine, and not work.  I have a Rusk hair dryer (that didn't make the cut, mostly due to not fitting into my luggage), when I was drying my hair with the normal hotel hair dryer, I realized how desperately I need to get a Brazilian Blowout...Since moving to Nashville, I've discovered that most salons offer a "Keratin Treatment" as opposed to the BB due to the controversial formaldehyde that forms when the chemicals meet the heat of the dryer and iron.  I prefer the Brazilian Blowout, it isn't as intense or heavy on my hair and I just like the results better, but I don't like having to wear a face mask nor do I appreciate the dirty looks from the other salon guests... I've researched a few salons here in Nashville and I've made several calls (after getting 2 keratin treatments, that were far less than exceptional, and add up to a month's rent in Nashville.  I've been looking into the....

Keratin Express Treatment.  This is only $100, lasts for 6 weeks, and is lighter and more mild than the typical Keratin treatment. SO, my question to you lovely ladies with curls is...Have you had this done? Do you like it?  Is it worth it?  I don't want to waste more time or more money on another hair thing that I don't love, but I'm really bored with my hair, I like the color and length, I just want something that will make my curls more tame and look healthier.  Do you have any recommendations?

Nashville ladies, any salons that are TDF? Stylists that you love. That is another thing, I have yet to meet someone here that just loves their stylist..and I've heard horror stories of $400 haircuts, WTH!! I am looking for a nice salon, nice stylist, willing to pay a tab more for someone that makes me love my hair.

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  1. I haven't tried a Keratin treatment, but I've heard good things. Jealous you were in NYC during the holidays; I bet it was beautiful!


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