food, wine & some things that sparkle (Nashville) :)

Today is such a beautiful day in Nashville, I went shopping with le roomie after a fun evening out at Kayne Prime and Whiskey Kitchen.  I really  love Nashville.  It has something for everyone, and the people here are what make this city.  Whether you're old money, new money, up-and-coming professional, a polished professional, a hipster,  an artist, a football player, or ex-football player.  The people here are amazing - the nicest and most easy going.  We made some friends while waiting on our table last night, and I also received some love and hate while watching the Kentucky basketball game in the bar area....all in fun of course....We also got this amazing appetizer. Cotton candy and peppercorn slow-roasted bacon.  It literally made my mouth water is was so good, the bacon was extremely thick, but so so good.  I've never had it like this before, my new goal is attempt this and post about the outcome ;)

What else do I love here? Well.  I met that has changed my brows:)  I call her, Brow Gal.  After moving down here, and not having my normal esthetician my brows were not in the best shape.  She is committed to getting your brows looking full and shaping them to be perfect for you face.  My goal is to have my eyebrows looking as good as Hayden Panettiere's, le Lovely star of NASHVILLE abc of course.  Girl has some killer brows and they look awesome. Brow gal constantly has to remind me "Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins" :) 

Tonight I'm headed to F. Scott's for dinner and some jazz.  I'm really excited I've heard it has amazing gourmet food and a great wine list.  I finally got my j.crew dress this week and am wearing this lovely lady tonight :) except with a cardi of course - its getting a little cooler in the evenings now...

And Last, I wanted to post a little moto that I think we all need to remember and live by.  I'm guilty of having some negative thoughts from time to time and I just love this quote and image :) makes me happy and is so true! 

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