Splurgers vs. Savers. Aveeda vs. Suave.

Aveda Shampoo and Conditioner is average around $25 to $30 each. I love the Aveeda line also, it leaves your hair feeling fresh, invigorated, and smooth. Quality product. 

But I just recently found thiss........for $2 each. 

It definitely isn't the quality of Aveeda products, but it smells amazing and does the job.  This is my new favorite. 


  1. Nice! I think Suave products have alcohol in them which damages your hair... Maybe they have improved?! If so, let me know!!!!!

  2. $2 versus $30? Yes please and hello cute new top with that $28 saved!

  3. I love Suave Shampoo, great product and it's only $2!!

  4. I have used both! While I definitely like the Aveda better (more head tingley-ness)...the Suave is certainly much easier on my bank account!!!

  5. I just started using that Suave shampoo & conditioner and am loving it so far! Love the smell!


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