MOST AMAZING WEEK {aka swimming pigs}

I just returned from the most amazing week in the Exumas Islands; specifically Highbourne Cay, Compass Cay, and Staniel Cay. I got to do so many things, like paddle boarding, snorkeling in some of the most secluded scenes I've ever experienced, went swimming with sharks, visited an island with swimming pigs (they'll be pissed if you don't bear food) and yatched to islands only available by boat.  Here are a few photos. I can't even explain how amazing the last week of my life was. 


  1. Swimming pigs!?! That's really awesome. I've never heard of these Exumas Islands. It sounds like I need to!

  2. Did I see a familiar BoCo face amid these pictures? ;)

  3. I've heard about swimming with dolphins but pigs... Too cute!


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