Good friends are like Stars...

Good friends are like Stars, you can't always see them, but you know they are there.  Cheesy quote. I know, but it amazes me how sometimes you can grow apart from people you were so close to at some point in your life, but what also amazes me is how you can remain close to some friends, and grow even closer even though you are farther apart from them geographically.  I've always had a real and honest friendship with Emily at Life is Uncharted Territory.  But after graduating high school, then college, growing up {a little}, and going through our own life chapters, we've both somehow become closer. And I am truly grateful for a friendship like ours.  She is one of the strongest people that I know.  And also one of the most optimistic and just all around great person to seek advice from.  And also just an all around amazing person.  I was lucky enough to spend time with her in Dallas and also in Lexington before she moved away to Shanghai.  You should read her story from the start, here.  Also, I wanted to share her amazing video of her and her husband's recent trip to Thailand.  

Emily, I am blessed and better for knowing you! :)


  1. I know the feeling of the circle friendships create!

    I still have one girlfriend I've had since 4th grade that I talk to every single day. I also actually see only a handful of girls I grew up with. It's sad, but it's life :)

  2. You are such an amazing friend and I'm so blessed to have you in my life! I'm always here for you!!!! Love you!

  3. aww i love this! makes me smile!! :)


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