Lip Gloss. What's your favorite?

I've heard that everyone has that one signature make up essential.  I think mine is lip gloss.  At least I have made it that.  I've been very loyal to my lip gloss brands over the last few years.  

First there was MAC lip glass, in C-THRU...ahh I loved and wore it even to the gym.   Then one day my friend Frenchy coined it's color, calling it Monkey Cum. He totally ruined the color and image in my head and I moved on. 

My next gloss I found was Benefit ultra shine lip gloss, in Dancing Queen.  It was discontinued and I was devastated...it was eventually brought back, but by that time I again, had moved on. (hah!)

I next founnnnd my ONE TRUE LOVE. Hour Glass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss, in Origami.  I am still obsessed with this. It is a beautiful, clean pink, without being TOO overly bright, as it appears.  It also is not sticky.  My only issue is this, is that I go through it way too fast. and its a bit pricey. The upside of their products is that Hourglass products are developed without the use of parabens, overpowering fragrances or animal-testing.  PS, Side note, I've sampled their mineral veil which is AH-mazing, but it's $60 a pop, they are a "luxury" brand, so their prices aren't quite so friendly.  

SO What is your one essential cosmetic that you cannot live without?  What is your favorite lip gloss? Is there some amazing lip gloss out there that I don't know about?! I've tried NARS lip gloss before and haven't loved it. 

I've recently seen Kevyn Aucoin - The Elegant Lip Gloss. I like how it isn't like most lip glosses in a tube.  Anyone ever try this?

I also am intrigued by Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in Pop Life

Anyone try any of these??


  1. I've been using Mary Kay lip gloss for a few years now. My current shade of choice is Fancy Nancy.

  2. I tried NARS and didn't like it--too sticky....but I've never tried any of the other brands you mentioned. I don't really have a favorite right now since the one I liked was discontinued. Why do these brands do this to us?!

  3. hmm... I prefer tinted Burts Bees to any lip glosses! I just don't like the stickiness of most of them

  4. I'm a huge fan of Korres lip gloss. The colors are so pretty and they glide on really nicely. I am obsessed and can't go anywhere without it.

  5. Love the color of the nude MAC...ignoring the comment your friend made about it lol!

  6. Hilarious about the MAC lip glass! I want to try that Kevyn Aucoin one -- the color looks gorg!


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