lessons learned this year.

I found this a long time ago, but found it very relevant as of very recently - this is borrowed...not sure where it is from but I love it! I bolded the ones that I learned about multiple times this year

I learned that my best friends and i can make it through anything. Literally.
I learned that sometimes, you have to let go.
I learned what fearless felt like.
I learned to break down walls.
I learned about trust.
I learned to not take things so seriously.
I learned to accept things if they make someone you love happy.
I learned to dance in the rain.
I learned the beauty of the world.
I learned about love.
I learned to listen.
I learned to cry.
I learned about confidence.
I learned to make new friends.
I learned how much I cant live without swimming.
I learned about overcoming obstacles.
I learned about flying.
I learned about people.
I learned who I want to become.
I learned i have work to do.
I learned to take chances.
I learned to sing out
I learned happiness
I learned childhood
I learned life, and that i cant know everything
I learned that i can do just about anything
I learned to stop waiting
I learned to take my time
I learned to live.


  1. Those are all so good. This one, "I learned to accept things if they make someone you love happy", is so important and sometimes really hard to do. Unfortunately it may go hand-in-hand with "I learned that sometimes, you have to let go."

  2. Amazing. Beyond so true...sometimes you just have to learn to live :)



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