Choose Joy. and an Inspirational Rite of Passage.

So I've been in a writing funk and real life funk. I need to snap out of it.  It's so nice to have friends to share, chat and be there for you during these times.  Even in the blogging world, its the perfect place to express, share and become inspired.  I'm just at a crossroads right now, and am deciding where I am going and path my future will hold these next few months.  I just don't want to get lost or take the wrong path.  Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged, finding the perfect job, the perfect place, the perfect life and I am guilty of comparing myself to others. I know, I know, I knowwwww that my journey is about me and you aren't supposed to compare, but it's easy to sometimes, but a wonderful friend shared this video and it was a lovely reminder to Choose Joy in life. She also shared this video, which brought me to tears.  If you have not ready Lil Blue Boo, please see her blog, it is wonderful written and inspiring. 

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog. And it's ok to be in a funk, as long as you come out the other side! ; ) Your blog is wonderfully written and Inspring, too!


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