Wednesday Wisdom...some things I've learned this past year. . .

as I see some friends deal with some truly life changing things over the last year there are things I've learned and quotes I live by now.....

I also saw this on pinterest and thought this would be sooooooooo adorable paired with an engagment photo (side by side) and sent a lil Save The Date...Yep. Totally Random..........but isn't this so cute and true? I love it.

all of these can be found on my pinterest boards. so follow me. Here. so follow me. Have an amaaaaaaaazing Wednesday and go to Pandora and turn on Ella Fitzgerald (Christmas) you will thank me later. 

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  1. this post just made my day. i absolutely love your blog and this was just what i needed on a day like today :) thank you for sharing xo!


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