Hey girlfriends,

I am off to New Orleans tomorrow! 


I have pretty much been starving myself (*okay maybe not so much!) so I can chow on some of these...

While I can't share deets on where I'll be or what I shall be up to I am just so so so excited! I am in charge of ensuring audio visual is set up and the presentation functions perfectly, so until about 10:00 PM you can find me stressing my pretty little head out.  I am a planner that likes every little detail to be perfect (who doesn't?!) so of course the day off I am wracking my brain for every little thing that could go wrong.....including...flights.....FLIGHTS. and this girls flight. has a tiny little layover. so shoot up a prayer for this one! I am excited... guess what else is in NOLA this year......? Another conference? well, yes, that is true. But that isn't what I was getting at........THE FINAL FOUR!!! And you all know the boys and blue will be there!! I just FEEL it this year. If you are not a Kentucky you I just don't think you understand. There is something MAGICAL about Rupp arena. I am so excited about the pursuit for 8! :) chills. 

GIRLS - I am having a yummy Gourmet meal twice when I get there, but what else should I do beside food? Where should I go for fun?? I have NO friends here, so no advice...I kinda love getting lost and being new to a city! so help! :)


  1. You'll have a fabulous time! I love New Orleans!

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  2. I've never been, but I'm sure you will have a blast! I hope all goes smoothly for you!


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