How Are You Still Single?

This question typically seems to pop up at the most inopportune times. I'm enjoying a glass of wine with a colleague. Or having a wonderful conversation with a new friend. And wham. Out of the blue, they slam you with it... "How are you still single?" If you're in a relationship, it's easy to not comprehend or fully understand how offensive this question can be. I. Get. It. It's totally meant as compliment. Phhhhhh. You see...when they see you initial reaction, it can get worse. "No, no, no. I mean you're just so funny, and smart, and career driven. I don't get how you're still single." Yeah buddy, you're f*&%$#@! tellin' me. 

Stop while you're ahead buddy. How are us single girls (or boys) supposed to appropriately answer that? Let's think about this: "Geez I don't know. Maybe I'm just too good. Too picky. I just too into my career. I'm just too busy." Pardon my french, but fuck no. I've been waiting for the "real deal" for years and have tried so damn hard, almost as hard as I do at my career, and it still hasn't worked out or progressed as much as my career has. Ouch.  Maybe I'm batshit crazy and emotionally unstable? Ok, there could be some truth to this, but you know what? I've heard stories. And I feel totally normal compared to those. Totally, totally normal. Trust me. What if I'm just not cut out for it? Or not meant to have that? Okay, let's not go down that rabbit hole. 

See what happens here married people? It's really not an okay question to ask. So how about you stop asking us? End rant. We're single because we haven't had the luck you've had. And we aspire for (I can only speak for my friends and I). 

So please. For love the of God. Quit asking us why we're still single.