Hashtag amazing.  Hashtag necessary.  Hashtag I'll stop right now {sorry}  Memorial Day Weekend was one for the books.  And by books I mean relaxing and everything I needed as I get deeper into this breakup.  Side note on the breakup: I started it out right.  Not communicating or responding because I am a firm believer that breakups should be clean, crisp, and there should be no gray area or it just gets all confusing and messy. But I gave in at some point and two months later I realized I wasn't getting what I truly wanted and ceased all communication....again.  Week two into that and I felt at the start of the weekend like I was going through a breakup all over again.  Okay, back to story and weekend.  I started Friday night with a couple Frosty Pimms cups at The Hook.  I love this spot and how casual and fun it is. Their are musical hints of all different types of song's 'hook' throughout the place.  Outside is my favorite.  If you live in Nashville and go, take note: these things are lethal.  Do NOT drink more than two.  I had a strong buzz of two of these things.

Saturday I went to Percy Priest Lake with some great friends, many who are also Lexington transplants to Nashville.  I rocked my new and love J.Crew straw hat I got at the Factory.  You can get it here

Sunday I went to Adele's in the Gulch for one of my best friend's birthday!  We then went to Acme to enjoy the rooftop.  I had a boy buy me a drink and tell me I'm gorgeous which is always nice.  Only to tell me 5 minutes later that he has a girlfriend, but "it's about to be over."  That's when we said "See ya!" and also why being a single girl is so annoying and exhausting sometimes.

Monday, we got pedicures at the Omni Spa and spent the day at the Omni pool relaxing and celebrating our last moments of the holiday weekend and feeling thankful for those that serve and protect us everyday, so we can enjoy the luxuries and freedom we get every day.

What a weekend!  How was yours?