It has been a while.  I have to be honest.  I have not checked this blogged often enough or even thought about it as I should.  I've lost touch with writing that is really meaningful.  And I've missed that.

I'm going through a break-up right now.  Well, is that what you call it?  It is over.  Over, over.  The kind of over that ended friendly.  The kind of break up I've been through time and again.  The kind where I've learned that continuing to communicate only prolong the inevitable.    That one of you moves on first.  I miss him and the relationship, but I don't miss him the way you should.  And I know that too, means I should move on. 

It feels as though breaking up just gets harder the older we get.  When I don't see something going somewhere I end it early.  No need to waste feelings or time.  So when a relationship ends, it usually because I saw the potential it could be.  Being thirty now, it is harder.  I won't delve into the details or difficulties, but I hope that this means I am one step closer to my person.  


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