My battle with Alopecia Areata

It all began about 2 months ago.  I decided to take a leap.  I needed a fun change.  Highlights!! I have not highlighted my hair in YEARS. Since high school.  As I sit here and type these, the emotions of having to write this is upsetting and challenging for me.  It makes this real.  I've taken a few photos, but am not ready to share them yet.  As I my stylist was coloring my hair, she was surprised and said "I didn't know you have alopecia?!" I've gone to her consistently for the last 7 months now, I told her " UM I don't have alopecia!!!!!"  She then exposed the front right side of my scalp, and my hair was not there, MIA, gone.  It was completely bald.  I didn't tear up, mostly because I think I was in shock.  Then the health concern set in.  I had been tired more than normal lately, my memory has been off, and I've gotten sick 3 times the last 3 months.  Within the next few weeks, I tried not to get too upset and went to my physician immediately.  After multiple visits and rounds of blood work.  We found that my thyroid, cell/blood count, was completely normal.  My Vitamin D was extremely low, below normal levels.  WAY below normal.  But can that cause hair loss?  I've been on a strict vitamin D regimen (10,000 International Units per day).  But it hasn't quite helped.  I decided to go see Missy, my dermatologist. We found out last week from my biopsy that my hair has potential to grow back, it isn't scarred, and there is no cancer, or nothing there that shouldn't be. PHEW.  She deducted I have alopecia areata. Onset by stress.  I am happy for my health, but its scary, I notice now that my hair is thinner in other spots and fear that more could be coming.  I am taking more yoga, finding way to let my stress out, am taking monthly steroids shots, and blood pressure medication (somehow this has been found to help), and am praying that my hair grows back.  

I'm not sure what caused this, but the only thing beyond stress that I could think of is...Brazilian Blowout.  I consistent got these prior to finding out about how BAD they are for you.  I ignored the signs, the articles, because I love how it made my hair feel.  And I worry that it could have onset this.  I have no clue what caused this.  But I do want to warn those considering getting the blowout, please do not.  That's it for now.  Keep you posted, send prayers for hair growth and health :)   


a little (not so) love story. . .

When you're a twenty-something approaching that upper region of your late twenties, I've found you begin (or ahem...I begin to) ...get excited...maybe .... okay definitely... too fast when I meet someone that makes me feel giddy.  You know, those moments when you see them or get a text or...a serenade and "your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast?" I went through a dating period, where...well dates would happen, but when I'd come home and my friends would ask "HOW WAS IT?!" My only feeling was "I'm not repulsed by them."  Over the last year, I've thought maybe this love thing isn't meant for me? Ya know?!  Not in like a wrong way, but as Carrie Bradshaw would put it....how many great loves do we get?  Have I already had mine?  So I do as most of us young, single gals do.  I do things that make me happy, try to find new challenges, whether at work, or working out...doing that 5K, taking that hot yoga class or pure barre session one EXTRA time, even if I don't feel like it at 8:00 AM on a Saturday, I buy things that make me happy, like Hermes perfume, or that pretty dress at Nordstrom I'd been eyeing for weeks, I spend times with friends, and laugh...alot, I network and plan extra work events, I volunteer and try to see what else there is outside of my little bubble.  And of course when you're busy doing the things you love, I think that's when you are most inclined to meet someone special.  And so I did.  Here is the story.

Boy meets girl.
Girl isn't sure about boy.
Boy pursues girl.
Boy tells girl she's special.
Boy makes girl laugh a lot. 
Girl tells boy she likes him, but things are moving fast, things better slow down.
Boy agrees and respects girl.
Boy's communication starts to fizzle.
Boy tells girl she isn't a priority, and she has her stuff together.  He needs to get his stuff together. 

It's a typical story.  Things don't work out, and it was very new, but it was still a "break up." We still had to have one of those awkward conversations where girl isn't happy because boy is sucking at communication, and boy doesn't want to put in the work.  Rejection hurts, even in the slightest form.  Even in the, I geniunely love spending time with you form.  Those thoughts still cross your mind.  Is he even thinking about me?  Does he miss me or what we could have had?  I guess I'll never know.  But I'm content in knowing that I know my expectations in a relationship and what I want, and that I followed my heart and standards and I'm not embarrassed of my values.  

What do you ladies do to move on when it's time to move on?  



I was perusing the lovely Style Me Swanky blog and saw this gorgeous number and decided it would be my birthday dress!  The birthday is approaching, and although it is a number that far to close to thirty, I am grateful for the many experiences I've had thus far in my life, and people I've come to meet.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my twenties and want to soak up every last minute.  Nashville has been so kind to me and I cannot wait to spend a Friday evening with the people I love.

How should I accessorize?  I was thinking some bold earrings would be perfect and wearing the hair up.  I going to see my favorite stylist, beauty consultant, and health and vitamin extraordinare, Jana Hilton at Shine Salon.  She, and the salon are the absolute best.  She just knows how to create a beautiful, natural look - and layers my hair perfectly.   They also always have a soda pop, or glass vino ready and waiting for you.