Dear West Elm, you suck!

I went into West Elm tonight with every intention of spending $800 - $1200 on a chair and/or a small couch.  I observed the couch and chair that I've researched online the last two weeks. To be specific the Bliss Down-Filled Sofa.

After observing and casually waiting for 5 minutes, I decided to browse.  I need a few other house accessories. So I went over to the Dining + Kitchen area.  In hopes I would also run into a sales person asking if I needed help. WHY YES I DO I WANT TO SPEND $1K.  Easy sale.  

Instead I walked around the store not finding anyone.  After this.  I decided to go on a mission to find a sales person.  There was one person helping another customer (understandable). And 3 behind the register.  They completely ignored me until I walked up to the register and stood there.  A gentlemen was counting the register and irritatingly looks up and says "Hi, how can I help you" in the not-so-nice I'd rather not help you but you're here in my face kind of way.  I told him I was interested in the couch and wanted to confirm the price and stock, instead of attempting to help me, he tried to point.  Across the store.  Diagonally. Which I find most frustrating in stores, esp when you're trying to make a purchase.  He wasn't able to identify it.  So he rolled his eyes and looked at the lady behind him and she said "I'll put this away, you go."  Both unfriendly.  Both unhelpful.  Both annoyed a customer is asking for help.  Go figure.  I've worked in retail in a prior life - aka - college, to know and remember you have designated areas, register, entry.  But when a customer needs help.  You suck it up and help them.

Moral of the story.  Care about your customers.  Nurture them.  And don't suck. 

I am SO disappointed with West Elm's miserable customer service! I was an easy sale.  Ready. I already had my mind. MADE. up.  After he walked me over he told me the price and walked away.  As did I.  I refuse to give a business my money, when they are not appreciative. 

Dear West Elm, you suck! 


Katherine's Bachelorette in Charleston: #hashtagweekend:

I've finally found time to post a short and sweet, and yes concise post on the beautiful, Katherine's bachelorette weekend! Girls near and far all traveled and met in Charleston, South Carolina mid-March for a....Legen....(wait for it).....DARY...weekend spent in Folly Beach.  The weekend was near perfect (insert Zach Brown Band song) and it made miss my friends, and most importantly the bride so much.  Even being only 3 hours,  it is still sometimes difficult to see each other often.  It was a wonderful weekend.  Girls came from Lexington, Nashville (:), Chicago, and Charleston to enjoy each other and of course...Katherine!!  Katherine is one of my truest, and best friends I've even encountered.   Someone I can tell anything to, will be there for any- and everything, and one of the most strong, smart, solid and genuine friends I have.  I am so lucky to have her and don't know what'd I would do without her, so of course I am ecstatic to see her marry a man that I know will be the most amazing husband in the world.  They are perfect for one another without a doubt.  Both smart, witty, silly, stubborn, but also both sensible and love each other unconditionally.  Ben and Katherine - if you see this.  I love you both and am so excited and honored to be a part of your life, story, and big day!

Now.....without further adieu.  The weekend in photos :) 

Le Bride..so beautiful!

The amazing house.

Having fun at dinner at The Social Restaurant and Wine Bar. 

The lingerie shower!  Poms are from The PomPom Shop on Etsy

The beautiful bride at her lingerie shower.  Sash a la Bella Lilly via Etsy

One of my favorite parts of the night and evening?  Pins for the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaids, and bottle opening corks (Drink, Drank, Drunk)...some of the girls even sent me texts, they are still using their bottle cap removers. I love it! Can be found via Etsy a la BigYellowDogDesigns.  Ashli can customize the box any way you like!! I really didn't want any "hot mess express" ones in there, and she happily exchanged for what I wanted.  

Drinks in the mason jars, were FireFly Vodka, water, garnished with lemon!  Flowers from Target. Straws from PartyPaperStraws via Etsy.  

Absolutely love this banner a la Breelyse and Co. via Etsy. 

Apparently we met Kevin Federline... :)

An *almost* completed task at the start of the night :) 

The bride actually set this up. We have the BEST bride, right?! (the lips, Cheers sign, etc. not presents - we are thoughtful at least ;)).  Also note the cards below - everyone gave Katherine advice on marriage and the big day, even the groom, dad, and brother! We didn't read these aloud, but I hope she enjoyed them! :)

I even met a cutie on the trip.  Not a bad weekend ;) 


Letting go.

This week, I am thinking about a good friend and some personal struggles.  In life, there are many types of people that come into your life...make it brighter and better and those that don't.  And that is why there are so many types of letting go.  My friend had to deal with the loss of her grandfather.  Someone irreplaceable.  I can't imagine.  And with this type of letting go, it's the you don't really want to.  The kind you always want to hang onto.  The kind that is a rite of passage, but we wish wasn't.   Then there is the type of letting go where it is necessary.  The kind you you want and need right away.  I am FINALLY. truly letting go of someone who has not served me in a positive way the last few weeks.  My kind of letting go seems so small, and silly compared to my friends.  I just hope during everyone's darkest days, that we all keep our problems relative, and remember and hang on tight to those who are important to us.


Home Decor Updates & a little quote.

Whilst browsing for a new paper towel holder, I don't want just a plain one anyone in my kitchen.  My granite counter tops are lovely, and I need something to spice up the 1980 GE microwave built into the wall :( le sigh... I found this little lovely. Why not spend $86 on a paper towel holder when it spices the kitchen up a bit..

Oh and follow me on Etsy

I also have found the newest addition to the living room, I found this on sale on West Elm.  I am heading to WE this weekend to see if its in store.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it looks so cozy and is the perfect size against my now bare wall and side of the living room.

I also am waiting for this rug to become available.  It is currently out of stock.  I found it on eBay, but I have a Groupon. ugh don't you hate that.  Isn't this RUG to die for?!?!? Where it is from TBA. I need to be able to purchase it when it becomes available :) 

In other news, I have been a little disappointed in le love life.  Just someone who is so back and forth I can't keep up with them.  It is too much investment for me to feel like they care and then don't.  I've finally decided to give up... and I share this quote with anyone who might need it tonight :)

Never look back..I think I like that.


I. need. furniture.

I'm back from Charleston and I cannot wait to post on what an amazing weekend we had!! But before that, while I was out of town, my recently engaged roommate moved in with her fiancé!  I am so excited for them, but with that...comes the need for new furniture.

I need:

  • New couch
  • New side tables
  • New floor and table lamps
  • New kitchen table
  • New dining room table
  • New fireplace wall decor (I want a sunburst gold contemporary mirror, but inexpensive!!)
  • New hallway bench
I've already found a new living room rug (Thank you, Groupon) and hallway rug (Target).  I'm very excited because this gives me the opportunity to go from a very traditional, "old South" look to a modern and shabby chic, rustic wood, contemporary look.

Y'all I am gonna go to Home Goods soon, but any recommendations on where I can find inexpensive home furniture and decor? I need to replace now, I can't stand the house looking so empty!


I'm off to Charleston...

in mañana! I can't wait to update you on the bachelorette trip!!  I've wanted to share so many details I've been planning but held off so not to spoil any surprises.  I am so excited to spend the weekend with one of my very best friends.  She is one of those people.  My person.  Who has helped me through the last 5 years of my life: highs and lows, new love, old love, relationships ending, losing my job, moving to a new city, and sooo much more.  I owe my sanity to this little lady and I cannot wait to spend her last single weekend in Charleston!

Love, you K!

I did get this little lovely this, just to wear on le trip!! :) Can't wait to show photos of how cute.  Thank you, Anthro!