Why do we spend time thinking about people that...

Worry less.  Perhaps not at all.  Its been a while for me since I've met someone I'm excited to get that text from.  To hear my phone buzz.  Talk to for a couple hours and feel like a couple minutes.  I've been lucky in the dating scene in Nashville - boys are actually men.  They ask for your number and actually call.  I recently I met a person I was genuinely excited over.  Thought, hmmm. This could go somewhere.  Went on a trip.  Had an amazing time. And now, something is off.  It seems to be to be fizzling.  It just isn't my style to pour my heart out early.  Or try to "put my heart out there." Not after having my heart broken before and knowing what its like to do that.

So my questions is! Why do we spend time thinking about people that aren't focusing on us?  Aren't paying attention or being what you initially fell for?  Aren't treating us properly?  Early on I could never express this, it just seems crazy to me to bring up so early.   I've learned to let things go.  One major life lesson I've taken away, no matter how hard it is.  Because is someone truly cares for you, they will chase you and not let you go.  This is true.  One of my best friends boyfriends simply no longer responds to sweet texts, and sometimes ignores her, treats her poorly at times, better at others.  But she's dying to marry him.  He is truly great person, but whyyyy do we accept being treated just okay?  At my friend Rebecca's wedding the priest reminded us that we should be their "best friend, their biggest cheerleader, their rock, supporter and true partner for life."  I want that.


Charleston Beach Weekend!

I've been helping coordinate the lovely Katherine's bachelorette weekend festivities.  We plan to spend a cozy weekend in Charleston in a beautiful beach house.  With this bitterly cold last week in Nashville, and then a gorgeous sunny weekend...it had me dreaming of the beach. I just received my fedora that I ordered on eBay and it is perfect.  $10 ladies!! But then I got busy browsing Nordstrom and found these lovelies...a girl can dream..

Graham & Spencer 'Atlantis' Tiered Strapless Maxi Dress via Nordstrom

The Peekaboo Pocket Tunic via Nordstrom. The best part of this is back, I love!!

And last, this beautiful dress for our nice evening out on the town! I found this on Nordstrom but cannot for the life of me find where it is from on there...

Life isn't cereal....well, it is a cereal.

A pep talk from a Kid President! LOVE THIS. haha.


Bedroom Wall Decor.

Hello, everyone! It's Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find beautiful inspirations for home décor and lighting. From wall art to mini pendant lights and grand chandeliers, you'll discover lots of interesting ideas. I'm so excited to be visiting here at Well Actually... today to share a guest post about bedroom wall décor, specifically ideas for turning that blank space at the head of the bed into a lovely focal point. I've pulled together eight room images to inspire your bedroom decorating dreams. Please enjoy!

Bedroom Wall

An elegant waterfall chandelier turned bedside lamp is stunning with this simple but elegant upholstered headboard. No other wall decor needed.

Bedroom Wall

A favorite textile hung from a drapery rod is a quick and easy way to add interest at the head of the bed. This idea is limitless in its possibilities. Just be sure the fabric you choose is one that speaks to you and makes you smile.

Bedroom Wall

Unframed art like this black and white cityscape is gorgeous in a contemporary or eclectic bedroom. Temporary wall murals are readily available online right now. It's easy to find one you love. From verdant green forest to ancient ruins, it's a great look. Without bedside tables, tall metal buffet lamps with tiny shades provide light and are a pretty look.

Bedroom Wall

This chalkboard with personalized text and hand-drawn birds and botanicals is perfect for a vintage space with just about any color palette.

Bedroom Wall

At the head of the bed, an accent wall of color works beautifully with or without a headboard. Here contemporary pattern in charcoal on a silvery background is lovely with golden-toned bedding. A mirrored sunburst is a great glam accent.

Bedroom Wall

A stormy landscape mural is gorgeous in this casual loft bedroom. Tiny swing arm wall lamps are both decorative and functional as reading lights.

Bedroom Wall

A dark wall behind this white tufted headboard offers the perfect spot for a framed antique print. What a beautiful and invited bedroom retreat this is.

Bedroom Wall

A pale rustic bedroom gets a feminine touch with a gauzy draped canopy hung from the ceiling. Fabric canopies can be created with an elaborate complicated look like this one or in a more restrained tailored design. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these wall decor inspirations? Let us know in the comments, and visit our site for more home decor, lighting, and interior inspiration!


GIRLS Premier Review

I'd like to thank my wonderful and beautiful friend Megan, for introducing to the clever and unique world of GIRLS on HBO, without which I may have never known or been quite so impressed and engaged in a TV Series.  I am one of those people that are terrible at watching and staying captivated and engaged with a TV show.  I am either blogging, reading blogs, or working late whilst the TV is on. GIRLS changed this for me.  After seeing the pilot, I bought the first season on DVD and watched it 3 times.  And cried laughing at each episode.  The writing is cleverly executed and thought about for each character, and the characters are SO relatable.  The show is slightly graphic and racy, and by slightly I mean VERY, which honestly really appalled me at first.  But something about each character drew me in each time. SO now, to the Premier.  Most Premiers (to me!) are rather disappointing, they never really tell too much and know you're going to stay hooked at least until episode 2 if its a newer show..(ahem *Revenge* cough cough - majorly let down).  BUT, GIRLS was surprisingly refreshing and full of interesting curve balls, and they had a clever and well thought out introduction and closing.  Always leaving me wanting more!  I was left wishing the show lasted a full hour and not just 30 minutes.

Cheers to a great second season of GIRLS! What TV shows do you recommend right now? Are you watching GIRLS?


Quote of the Week

I am liking a lot of everything going on right now in my life. And Nashville in general lately.  More updates to come soon. I had a quite, cozy night in with friends on the eve of 2013, and it was the refreshing start I needed to begin a wonderful a new year full of opportunities of many kinds.  I am feeling very content with many aspects of my life right now.  My heart feels whole.  I am not a big believer in fate or destiny of any kind, but I do believe that certain things happen to us in lead to be the person we are supposed to be, the places we a right for at that time, and people that you should come into contact with.  Last year around this time, my heart was not whole, and I felt so lost, I was embarking on a new me, and was looking for a new job, identify, and city. What a difference a year makes.  I can truly say I am grateful for all I went through last year.  It has changed me.  I am not saying a "this amazing person now." God help me, I still make mistakes and am learning how to be a good person, better colleague, a true friend, lover, good daughter and sister every day.  But I've learned a lot about myself and who I do want to be and what I want to change. And that is simply...exciting!