Update: Alopecia

Hi love bugs,

Its been a busy last few weeks.  I am preparing for four huge trade shows (where most of my "innovative and creative" product launches and creations) will be deployed.  I am beyond excited and busy.  But I've had some emails and messages on FB asking for an update and questions on the hair issue.  It is still an issue.  But, it FINALLY seems to be growing back, slowly but surely.  I've had a few people question where this started and think they may have this and have had this for a while.  Let me preface (while talking to my hair stylist, and beauty consultant:)) that hair during the summer tends to shed more.  So if you notice more hair gone in the front, and it falling out in the shower more often, its totally normal . What is not normal is having a completely bald round spot.

Things to help fix alopecia.  I am not a doctor or health consultant. So please see your physician if you are having issues.  What helped me are:

1. I started taking 50 mg of Spironolacton.  I know what you are thinking. Trust me.  But you don't have heart issues!! People take this for acne and other things.  And this has been correlated to hair growth.  SO. I take 50MG a day

2. I get a steroid shot MONTHLY in the bald spot.  Okay, this isn't lovely, its gross and hurts.   I think this also makes me tired.  I am finally (after 6 months) taking a break.  And only getting every 2 months.  Once I started to see growth.

3.  Halted the Bug Guy.  We have Terminex come once per month.  He still sprays the house, but I no longer allow him to spray my room.  I leave glue traps instead.

4.  HEALTHY.  I cut down my fast food habits.  I now only eat fast food once a week.

5. I got a NutriBullet.  It IS SUCH a good way to get the veggies in that you wouldn't normally consume.  I love veggies but not in the mass, this helps.  I also am not a breakfast person if its before 10 am, which is every. single. week. day for me.  Having a shake in the morning gives me energy. I always add of scoop of RAW vanilla protein powder.

6.  I swtiched to Almond Milk.  Do you know we are the only species that consumes another species milk?  Weird.  I drink Califia Almond Milk (Toasted Cocoanut and Normal are AMAZE). I just lapsed and got some regular milk, because well, this is my weakness y'all.

7.  Last but not least.  I am on a strict yoga regimen.   This is the best way to get fit (yes I muscle now) and also de-stress.  My favorite part of class is breathing out anything that is not serving me in a positive way.  My physician advised that alepoecia is typically onset by stress.  And this I know is the cause.  You all, it is crazy the physical affects that stress can have on the body. I am lucky it is not anything serious.

Basically.  Be healthy.  Watch what you eat.  and de-stress when you should.


I love reading your comments. You guys make my day!