Don't forget I am giving away this ring to my lovely followers!! Happy Early Valentines Loves!! 
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Choose Joy. and an Inspirational Rite of Passage.

So I've been in a writing funk and real life funk. I need to snap out of it.  It's so nice to have friends to share, chat and be there for you during these times.  Even in the blogging world, its the perfect place to express, share and become inspired.  I'm just at a crossroads right now, and am deciding where I am going and path my future will hold these next few months.  I just don't want to get lost or take the wrong path.  Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged, finding the perfect job, the perfect place, the perfect life and I am guilty of comparing myself to others. I know, I know, I knowwwww that my journey is about me and you aren't supposed to compare, but it's easy to sometimes, but a wonderful friend shared this video and it was a lovely reminder to Choose Joy in life. She also shared this video, which brought me to tears.  If you have not ready Lil Blue Boo, please see her blog, it is wonderful written and inspiring. 


I love you...was that too soon? {a give-a-way for my loves}

I adore Chrissy Teigen.  Her blog never disappoints my appetite, her tweets are full of hate, love, and wit.  She also is not afraid to call out the "trolls" out there in the interwebs universe that leave blog hate and pure evil tweets. Seriously, esp for novice chefs and newbies to cooking out there, like moi, I love her blog because she posts simple recipes that turn out fantastic.  She breaks it down and makes it simple for you. and laugh a little along the way too.  Her honest ramblings and thoughts are just comical and fun to read.  I didn't take advantage of the fun and creativity in cooking until a couple years ago...if you're not someone that cooks often or thinks they can't do it, it just isn't true.  I wish I had her blog a year ago to spark ideas and have someone hold my hand while trying new recipes. 

soooo to the point. when she posted this photo of this love ring on twitter, I fell in love. I wanted it. And for my followers also. 

Well, a la the FabulousWire, one 'Happy reader will be receiving a very similar ring.  I am no Possessionista, but I think its absolutely perfect.  Y'all are awesome and I've been officially blogging for one year now.  And, February 14th is upon us, The day of Love.  I am giving away this gorgeous "love" ring below.
The ring is adjustable and able to fit most finger sizes (6-10) 
{except for me...cuz I have abnormally tiny hands and had to special order mine ;)} 

To Enter: {you can do each of the following for one entry each, do one or all, you choose! just be sure to leave a comment for each entry so I don't miss any}

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I'll choose the winner on Tuesday, Feb 7th and attempt to ship it that day as well so you will have just in time for Valentines Day!  Please make sure your e-mail is attached to your blogger account so I'm able to contact you. 


Lip Gloss. What's your favorite?

I've heard that everyone has that one signature make up essential.  I think mine is lip gloss.  At least I have made it that.  I've been very loyal to my lip gloss brands over the last few years.  

First there was MAC lip glass, in C-THRU...ahh I loved and wore it even to the gym.   Then one day my friend Frenchy coined it's color, calling it Monkey Cum. He totally ruined the color and image in my head and I moved on. 

My next gloss I found was Benefit ultra shine lip gloss, in Dancing Queen.  It was discontinued and I was devastated...it was eventually brought back, but by that time I again, had moved on. (hah!)

I next founnnnd my ONE TRUE LOVE. Hour Glass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss, in Origami.  I am still obsessed with this. It is a beautiful, clean pink, without being TOO overly bright, as it appears.  It also is not sticky.  My only issue is this, is that I go through it way too fast. and its a bit pricey. The upside of their products is that Hourglass products are developed without the use of parabens, overpowering fragrances or animal-testing.  PS, Side note, I've sampled their mineral veil which is AH-mazing, but it's $60 a pop, they are a "luxury" brand, so their prices aren't quite so friendly.  

SO What is your one essential cosmetic that you cannot live without?  What is your favorite lip gloss? Is there some amazing lip gloss out there that I don't know about?! I've tried NARS lip gloss before and haven't loved it. 

I've recently seen Kevyn Aucoin - The Elegant Lip Gloss. I like how it isn't like most lip glosses in a tube.  Anyone ever try this?

I also am intrigued by Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in Pop Life

Anyone try any of these??


Pros and Cons of Making a Pros and Cons List.

I've been busy scheming, rationalizing, planning, budgeting, and over thinking my future.  seriously. so i've made a pros and con list. but it kinda turned out like thiss. is this true? 

BUT THEN....this was my monthly horoscope, and it made me smile and brought my heart peace, sometimes those things hit the frickin nail on the head.

January, career horoscope for Cancer: 

Promote yourself when the Full Moon shines light on your talent in the first half of January. This is a great time to find a job in your desired industry. Switching career paths will be emotionally exhausting in the immediate future. Ultimately, though, you'll be glad you took the plunge.

seriously. go check yours right now, mines always right on, via MSN.



2 cute things & a simple prayer request.

when I seem to be on a strict budget is when I find exactly everything that I want! WHY? Here are some things I've stumbled upon recently... (psst..there is one for every state!!)

available via Nordstrom.

This J.Crew Cardigan is perf, perf for a casual day or a you can spice it up for a day at the office as well...I think it is sold out though...JCREW!!

no longer available via J.Crew

Okay that is quite enough with the wishful wants of the day, just thought I'd throw a couple of things out there for those of you NOT on a budget. AND last. I have been faced with a challenge/opportunity in hiding here recently.  its a little too much to discuss on the blog for now, for those of you that stop by and I consider my blog friends:) I ask for a simple prayer - it would mean a lot to me as I am going through a challenging time.  I struggle to say difficult, because, although it is different and hard, I find it a blessing in hiding so I would appreciate a little prayer and also will update you as soon I am able to! Thank you, loves! 


unique. etsy. finds.

every now and again I get on Etsy and just explore. its kind of relaxing. almost as good at taking the long way home, down farms and country roads. almost! here are some things I found the last few days. . .

via LukeLampCo

via eclu. perfect for those special bridesmaids in your wedding. 

via inksmeetpaper. you can also get these monogrammed. SO cute! 

via SayItSweet. It says The Chef is Always Right in French. LOVE IT!

 Okay. Totally random POST, but do you all have any Etsy shops you just love?? Please share them! 


Blog Sale!! Blog SALE! read.all.about.it.

Hey girlies, my super-cute and stylish bestie, roommate, friend foreva is having a Blog Sale over at Lifestyles of Lauren. she is even selling this super cute number below she let me borrow once. Seriously check it out. I die for her closet. But am on a major budget right now or they'd all be mine. 

email her lmarion84 @ gmail.com


lessons learned this year.

I found this a long time ago, but found it very relevant as of very recently - this is borrowed...not sure where it is from but I love it! I bolded the ones that I learned about multiple times this year

I learned that my best friends and i can make it through anything. Literally.
I learned that sometimes, you have to let go.
I learned what fearless felt like.
I learned to break down walls.
I learned about trust.
I learned to not take things so seriously.
I learned to accept things if they make someone you love happy.
I learned to dance in the rain.
I learned the beauty of the world.
I learned about love.
I learned to listen.
I learned to cry.
I learned about confidence.
I learned to make new friends.
I learned how much I cant live without swimming.
I learned about overcoming obstacles.
I learned about flying.
I learned about people.
I learned who I want to become.
I learned i have work to do.
I learned to take chances.
I learned to sing out
I learned happiness
I learned childhood
I learned life, and that i cant know everything
I learned that i can do just about anything
I learned to stop waiting
I learned to take my time
I learned to live.


The last few days!

I return to work today. I had an entire week on "holiday." it was lovely. 

I took a Parisian cooking class and learned how to cook duck and spaghetti squash...something I plan on tackling this week. I love to cook. but I only make simple things. this year I'd really like to tackle some more challenging recipes. 

Pear Clafoutis

Friends rented out Bluegrass Tavern and I rang in the new year with truly wonderful people. 

And one of my best friends got engaged to her "woobie." They are both amazing, beautiful people and I couldn't be more excited for them. 

Both of my recently engaged friends!

2011 was a year full of change for me.  I have to say, it was a great year, but I am also ready for a fresh, new year - I hope 2012 has better things in store.  Cheers! And may the best of you today's be the worst of your tomorrows friends. 

a simple new years resolution.

My New Years resolution is to keep things simple, and stop over-analyzing everything!  As an event planner, over-analyzing things is quite a good quality, worrying about every little detail is good. But in life, sometimes it isn't the best. I resolve to worry less and live in the moment!